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The Mayland kitchen has uncomplicated lines and a timeless feel with an overarching contemporary style. Inspired by our signature Tillingham kitchen, Mayland has the same commitment to simplistic, understated kitchen design, honouring the beauty of classic shaker style. However, our Mayland kitchen applies this in a more contemporary way, moving away from the classic design notes of the Tillingham, Mayland introduces cooler colourways, ribbed glass detailing and contrasting metallic accents for impact. Mayland retains the enduring beauty of the Tillingham kitchen but in a format more suited to twenty-first century interior design.

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Inspired by the stunning Suffolk coastline, the Orford style is a faultless example of classic kitchen design reflecting the calming and elegant feel of the English shoreline. The combination of hand-painted cabinets and weathered oak creates an organic, natural feel in the room, echoing the surrounding coastline and countryside. Clean and simple lines are central to the Orford design ethos; from the understated Orford pantry to the open shelving and uncomplicated cabinetry style – this is a kitchen that requires no gadgets or gimmicks to make an impact. From city centre to rural countryside, Orford is designed to bring the essence of relaxed coastal, country living to the kitchen. Calming and uncomplicated, it is a space to escape, unwind and enjoy the simpler things in life.

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The stunning SOHO style rejects convention and enables you to indulge in the unequivocal freedom of absolute bespoke design. Uniting a selection of materials and textures that include smooth concrete, sandblasted timber and hand stitched fabric, SOHO creates a wholly unique kitchen space that defies the boundaries of traditional interior design. This combination of soft tones, textures and opposing colours is an entirely new style of kitchen inspired by contrast, and this particular interpretation, with its deep, rich colours and gleaming copper kitchen accessories and accents, has a distinctly regal ambience. True beauty is found in the fusion of performance and appearance – designed to be as palpable as it is visually stunning, SOHO is limited only by your imagination. This quasi industrial kitchen can be replicated in full or in part as it is a hugely versatile collection and so it can be tailored to reflect your own needs and lifestyle aspirations.

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The Tillingham style is arguably Davonport’s signature kitchen and its popularity is well deserved. This shaker style kitchen places its emphasis on quality and simplicity, the aesthetics are uncluttered and natural making it equally well suited to a period property as a new build. Hand-painted in softer hues, the look is classic and discreet, introduce a bolder colour palette and the Tillingham kitchen takes on a more contemporary edge. The Tillingham pantry, circular chopping block and mantel are particularly popular features of this classic kitchen style; subtly creating a sense of grandeur in its most unassuming form.

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