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Maxima 2.2

MAXIMA 2.2 is the creative design system that distinguishes Cesar for its uniqueness and cross-functionality.The over 90 finishes combined with various opening methods make Maxima 2.2 an architectural project that meets modularity, technological and flexibility requirements while preserving its linearity and attention to materials in every layout.

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Functional and elegant, versatile and extrovert, minimalist and innovative, Ariel interprets contemporary kitchens in a carefree way. It is a youthful line of furniture with doors that can have a brilliant hi-tech touch, achieved by the aluminium frame, or that can transmit a feeling of soft harmony thanks to the ABS edge that matches the finishes of the fronts.

Trendy materials, dynamicity and freedom are the elements of a project that brings imagination back to the kitchen.

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Unit is a dynamic, airy planning system that is not limited by wall constraints. It is a perfect blend of professionalism and domestic warmth, technology and tradition. Pictures with multifaceted personalities are created by mixing and matching the finishes of the structures with those of the 2.2 cm thick doors. The aluminium structures mark off three sides of each single volume, creating: the units.

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N_Elle is the made-over version of the Cesar’s monolithic project consisting of sharp, clean-cut lines and a very lightweight appeal achieved thanks to 45° module edges. The 2.2 cm thickness of the doors and the new line of the wall and tall units now make it easy to mix and match this model with the other Cesar systems to create distinctive, elegant arrangements that focus on comfortable living.

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