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Virtual Reality is ever present in Design

Virtual Reality is ever present in Design

Mar 10, 2022

If you struggle to envision what changes in your home will look like, here at Luxioso, we have an excellent solution. We’re the first business in Guernsey to offer 3D bathroom design services with the aid of our 360 degree view system, Virtual World.

Instead of trying to visualise changes from traditional 2D plans, which can be rather difficult to imagine in real life, our Virtual World system allows you to see everything in full 3D glory.   This 3D design system is completely free for all customers who have their bathrooms designed by us and allows you to see how a new, modern bathroom suite, different layout options, tile changes and so much more will change your space. It’s the simplest way to see your design ideas come to life and really see how things would look within your home.   

If you’ve used other 3D systems in the past you may be used to those that offer a 3D view from a fixed camera position within the space. This means you’re able to see certain elements and parts of your room, but you’re not able to travel through it and see every single nook and cranny of your space. Virtual World offers a real-time interactive design that shows every single aspect of your room and the design within it. It gives you the most realistic way to view and get a feel for your chosen design and bathroom styling.   Our Virtual World system is incredibly versatile and easy to make changes within. We’re able to make changes within just one click, for example, from one type of luxury bath or shower to another.   

Virtual World also shows 3D tiling designs, which offers real creativity. You can see how tile designs will look laid out in different ways and decide which makes the most impression in your home. You can mix and match different tiles together, create feature walls or areas and see which design you like the most, making it far easier to make a decision that you’re going to love in your home.   Within the Virtual World system, we’re also able to add auto architectural mouldings to mirror what you have in your home - or what you’d like to add as part of your bathroom redesign -, auto plans and elevations, auto cutting when you don’t like an element of the design and there’s also a fast ‘click and drag’ system that makes everything as easy and streamlined as possible.   

If you’d like to have your bathroom designed by us and take advantage of our modern Virtual World 3D design system, visit our team at our showroom in St Martins and get started with the process today.

And if you’d like to learn more about the Virtual World 3D design system please watch our video here