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4 Bathroom Design Trends for 2022 and beyond

4 Bathroom Design Trends for 2022 and beyond

Apr 14, 2022

The bathroom is a sanctuary — a place to escape the daily grind, freshen up, and take some well-deserved downtime.


It's a place where you should feel relaxed and therefore it needs to reflect your personality.


Bathrooms have come a long way in terms of design in recent years. They are not simply spaces for function; they should be true havens of luxury while also being a room where, in the design sense, you can have a little fun.


If you're looking to update your bathroom, keep an eye out for the following trends…


Brave Colors

There's a shift towards colour and pattern in the bathroom. We have seen this coming through for a while now, but the latest trend is to be even braver with colour, whether on the tiles, wallpaper, furniture, or accessories. Gone are the days of keeping everything neutral. Of course, we still have some clients who prefer this look, but more and more people are inclined to incorporate colour into their bathroom design.


The easiest way to add some colour to your bathroom is through accessories such as towels, shower curtains, rugs, and bathmats. Think about the overall look you want to create and choose colours that complement each other.


If you are remodelling and want a more permanent solution, using colourful tiles can effectively add some energy and brightness to your bathroom. Plain-coloured tiles can also be used with patterned tiles, either on the floor or wall, depending on where you want the focus.


A white contemporary bathroom with pastel green tiles, mirror and black tap


Wood Elements

Wood has been used for centuries to decorate homes, and modern design approaches still follow this trend. The fact that it is a raw material that can be used in various ways — in furniture, on walls, or on floors — means that it can be used in any bathroom design concept.


Wood is a warm material that makes the bathroom feel cosy, especially during winter. In recent years, wooden elements have become particularly popular in Scandinavian-style bathrooms, but they also look great in rustic and classic-style bathrooms.


If you want to use wood as part of your bathroom design but you do not want to change all the furniture or wall panels, you can easily incorporate it into your existing design with a small number of elements. You could use wooden shelves or countertops to add a touch of warmth to your bathroom.


A luxury black bathroom with wooden shelving and plants


Metallic Elements

Metallic paints, wallpapers, and lighting fixtures are showing up in bathrooms more and more. They add a touch of class to what would otherwise be a simple, practical space.


Metallic elements in the bathroom have become increasingly popular with designers over the last year. A trend that is set to continue, metallic accents can be bold or subtle. The reflective nature of these items allows you to play with light, creating a focal point or an illusion of space.


A classic example of this design trend can be seen in the use of gold brassware or accessories such as towel rails or rings and even basins. The warm tones of gold work well in both warm and cool colour palettes, making it a versatile option for any bathroom design.


A bathroom with pink tiles and metallic accents in the basin, shower and towel rail


Rounded Edges

There's something to be said for the timelessness and simplicity of a square edge. The clean lines and no-frills look can create a modern aesthetic in any design. However, we’re seeing an increasing interest in rounded edges and curves in all interior design, but particularly in the bathroom.


Round edges are more comfortable than sharp corners, and this trend is prevalent in sinks, bathtubs, mirrors, and even doors. Curved edges create a softer feel for the entire bathroom, creating a more relaxing environment.


This trend emerged in response to the popular minimalist trend, as people began to crave a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in their homes. Rounded edges add a touch of luxury and can make any bathroom feel more lavish.



With the mix of minimalist and luxury styles on the market, bathroom design is reaching new heights. Whether you are a homeowner or an interior designer, understanding which styles work can help you focus your energies on areas that will create a functional yet stylish bathroom.


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