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Calidris - Exclusive to Luxioso

Dansani Calidris bathroom furniture is uncompromising quality. This is our series for the hedonist who wants to be spoiled with the best possible natural materials and the essence of Danish design. The series has been designed based on one single thought: the creation of a complete furniture series that makes it possible to furnish the bathroom in a functional and stylish way, no matter the size and shape of the room.

The elegant lines have been used in a range of single and double washbasins that easily fit into the solution that you want. In addition, the series offers a large selection of extra cabinets, matching mirrors and different types of lighting that make it both easy and fun to furnish your bathroom, no matter the size and shape.

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With Dansani Curvo, you can furnish your home and surround yourself with stringent elegance that gives you sufficient space to enjoy your time in the bathroom. The furniture in the Curvo series has a different expression and offers a special aura of Danish design at its best.

The design is simple and clear with user-friendly and practical functionality. The modern expression creates calmness and you can enjoy the plane fronts without handles and the streamlined, straight lines that are softened by gentle, round corners.

This series offers several surprising and intelligent details such as a mirror with lift-up-function and doors with integrated shelves. The simple vanity units only consist of one drawer and a washbasin that seems to have merged with the cabinet. The tall mirror sits enthroned on the back wall of the tall cabinet, and the mirror cabinet has shelves that you can easily move around to make the layout fit your needs.

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The philosophy behind Dansani Luna is a complete, modular furniture system with endless combination options. The wide range of washbasins, mirrors, cabinets and accessories offers you the freedom of playing with your style and way of furnishing the bathroom.

Dansani Luna has it all and is the series full of variations and combination options – also with tailormade measures.

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The handleless fronts and the exclusive choice of materials speak a simple and stringent design language, and convey a sense of exclusivity. Along with a large range of adjustment options, this series offers you the possibility of customising a unique, individual expression.

Dansani Zaro is exclusive, elegant and raw with unique integrated handles and surfaces made of a special rubber finish, matt finish or proper laminate.

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